CiviCRM Demo

This is a CiviCRM 4.7 Demonstration Site provided by Circle Interactive

The site is for demonstration purposes only and you will not be able to send emails from within CiviCRM.

A number of CiviCRM components have been enabled like CiviCRM Event.

Click here to access the CiviCRM demonstration sites provided by the CiviCRM core team.These have all the components enabled

You can login as one of the following roles.

General User

Username: generaluser
Password: generaluser

This User can act as a general staff member including creating Memberships and Registering Individuals onto Events.

Marketing User

Username: marketinguser
Password: marketinguser

This User has more permissions and can create Events and bulk email Mailings (Newsletters)

Administration User

Username: adminuser
Password: adminuser

This User has even more permissions and can access nearly all the CiviCRM Administrator screens

Anonymous Users can also register for Events, register for a sample Membership or make an offline Donation using the links in the menu. You should remember that you will not receive any email receipts.